Replacement Car service

What is the Avis Replacement Car service?

Trust Avis- the global leader in car rental with all your replacement car needs.

The Avisreplacement Car service keeps you mobile 365 days of the year by providing a replacement vehicle should yours not be available in one of the following instances: 

  • Accident repairs

  • General repairs / break down

  • Write off

  • Theft

  • Anticipation of newly purchased car or awaiting delivery of new leasing car.

Hyundai Solaris 

 You will not be left without a car.

 Avis has close to 2,000 cars Russia-wide in its rental fleet and will guarantee your request else provide a free upgrade

Unlike a dealer’s courtesy car which is subject to availability our guaranteed replacement car service will provide you with a car quickly and efficiently via our leading national car rental network spanning 17 cities!

Ford Mondeo

This gives you peace of mind that you will not be left without a car.

The Avis replacement car service is available to the following legal entities:

  • Companies that have a corporate owned fleet

  • Companies that have a leased fleet

  • Car leasing providers

  • Fleet management providers

  • Insurance companies

  • Car dealers

 The Avis replacement car service includes:

  • Full Insurance Package (Kasko, Osago and Dago) with zero excess

  • Scheduled Technical Maintenance and Repairs

  • Tire change and storage

  • 24 hour assistance

 Advantages of the Avis Replacement Car Service:

  • Economize on your fleet spend with our lower rates!

    • Having our own car rental fleet allows us to provide cheaper rates to our clients

  • Flexible conditions of rental - the client pays only for actual days the replacement car is rented. No more!

  • Additional discount for replacement cars rented in excess of 60 days!

  • We have our own car fleet which is of Avis international standard with the latest car models from Economy, Business, Prestige and Off-road class

  • Availability – we guarantee your request else provide a free upgrade!

  • 24 hour hotline – round the clock assistance across all of Russia

  • All our cars are well maintained

  • Our rental stations are conveniently located at downtown locations as well as airports

Call us to start economizing on your fleet spend and experience our stellar personalized customer service, and you'll be driving the right vehicle for your situation exactly when you need it


Car rental is our core business!

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