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AVIS is close to you!

Avis has a fleet of over 2,000 vehicles active in over 70 cities in the Russian Federation closely supported by a network spanning the whole country in 20 cities

Long term rental with the Avis Flex program is available across all of Russia

The car has long been - not just a luxury but a means of transportation, without which the modern world would not be able to keep up with the rapid pace of life. If for some reason do not have access to your own car, our company will help you rent one under the most favorable terms.

Under our Avis Flex program we issue a car for a period of 2 to 24 months, and the longer the duration of the rental, the cheaper the monthly rent (it includes 20% VAT).

We offer car rental of prestigious brands, Budget and luxury class, all of which are in excellent condition.

For additional information please contact the leasing department +7 (495) 981-19-17

Current price-list (20% VAT included)
The monthly cost of renting a car at the general term:
A Мини изображение Hyundai Solaris 1.4 (MAN) from 27 000
N Мини изображение Hyundai Solaris 1.4 (AUT) from 31 000
B Мини изображение Hyundai Creta 1.6 (MAN) from 34 500
C Мини изображение Hyundai Creta 1.6 (AUT) from 40 800
D+ Мини изображение Renault Arkana 1.3 (AT) 4x4 from 48 000
E Мини изображение Hyundai Sonata 2.0 (AT) from 55 000
F Мини изображение Nissan X-Trail 2.0 (AUT) from 58 600
G Мини изображение BMW 520d 2.0 (AT) from Запрос
J Мини изображение VW Touareg 3.6 (AUT) 4x4 from 107 300
M Мини изображение VW Teramont 2.0 (AT) 4x4 7 seats from 97 200
H Мини изображение VW Caravelle 2.0 (AUT) from 94 000

Mandatory documents required to form an Avis Flex agreement:

Private person: Passport

Individual entrepreneurs: bank account details, certificate of state registration of individual entrepreneurs, passport

Legal entities: A document certifying the right to sign on behalf of a legal entity, state registration certificate, certificate of tax registration, bank account details, passport of the General Manager

*All documents can be submitted by e-mail or a copy

Upon contract formation payment is required for the first and last month's rental. Payment can be made in rubles in cash and bank cards (for individuals), as well as by wire transfer (for legal entities and individuals).

You can receive additional information by telephone in Moscow +7 (495) 981-19-17 or Saint Petersburg +7 (812) 600-12-13 or toll-free in Russia: 8-800-250-12-13.


Advantages of our leasing programm:

1. The AVIS Operational Leasingprogram allows you to buyany foreign manufactured car or replace your existing car fleet.

2. The ability to purchase the car.

3. Avis Leasing is available for both corporate clients and individuals.

4. Express program for corporate clients and individuals

5. Equal monthly payments, facilitating the management of financial flows and accurate budgeting for your company

6. Taxation optimization. Lessee will be able to expense lease payments to Profit & Loss, thereby reducing their tax base, as well as claiming the VAT portion of the leasing payment

Monthly payments include:

  • All insurances(KASCO and OSAGO) apply for the entire length of the contract. In cases of accident we undertake settlement of all issues with the insurance company and dealers / service centers, and your car is sent to be repaired the same day. In the event of disputed cases we protect your interests.
  • No limits with regard to quantity of drivers or their age or driving experience!
  • We change the glass elements of the car without the need to obtain a report from the traffic police!
  • All taxes: transport tax, road tax, property tax, VAT.
  • Vehicle registration, service slip
  • 24/7 support hotline
  • We provide winter tires (additional set), and perform seasonal tire change and storage. 
  • We provide for scheduled technical maintenance at the dealer
  • We provide a replacement car in instances of accident or repair
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E-mail: reservation@avis-rentacar.ru

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