Advantages of leasing with Avis

1. The AVIS Operational Leasing program allows you to buy any foreign manufactured car or replace your existing car fleet.
At Avis you will get qualified advice in selecting precisely the car that you really need.
2. The ability to purchase the car.
3. Avis Leasing is available for both corporate clients and individuals.
4. Equal monthly payments, facilitating the management of financial flows and accurate budgeting for your company.
5. Monthly payments include:

        - All insurances (KASCO and OSAGO) apply for the entire length of the contract.
In cases of accident we undertake settlement of all issues with the insurance company and dealers / service centers, and your car is sent to be repaired the same day. In the event of disputed cases we protect your interests.
        - No limits with regard to quantity of drivers or their age or driving experience!
        - We change the glass elements of the car without the need to obtain a report from the traffic police!
        - KASCO includes cross border coverage, you are only required to buy a "green card"!
        - All taxes: transport tax, road tax, property tax, VAT.
        - Vehicle registration, service slip

        - We provide winter tires (additional set), and perform seasonal tire change and storage

        - We provide a replacement car in instances of accident or repair
6. Taxation optimization. 
- Lessee will be able to expense lease payments to Profit & Loss, thereby reducing their tax base, as well as claiming the VAT portion of the leasing payment

7. Efficiency and flexibility.
The name of the product is self-explanatory in its key advantage –operational efficiency. The lessee can get the car in a very short period of time and for the specific period that they require. At the same time they will get a car that is immediately ready to be driven. Contrast this with loans or financial leases, whereby the customer will independently have to register, insure and carry out all the necessary operational obligations. Compared with other companies we have more loyal and flexible solutions for our clients.

8. Working with Avis allows you to transfer the onus of caring for your car / fleet into the hands of professionals and without distracting you from your own business.

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